Thursday, May 21, 2015


In my last build of a knife similar to this I put the front and rear bolsters on first and then attached the scales after. This build I changed the sequence to see if the process could be made easier. would work easier.

This is after the epoxy had set.
Here I have pieces of 304 stainless steel, about 1/4" thick by 1-1/4" x 5/8". I've cut and ground these to be a close match to each other.

I clamped with the vise-grip and drilled a #30 hole through the tang.

Once the first piece is drilled, I pin it with some temporary pins. Then clamp the second piece on with vise-grips. Then remove one pin and drill the hole right through all. Repeat for the second pin.
Now we have two pieces drilled and marked with a permanent marker.
On the band saw I cut them close to the lines to reduce the amount of grinding to be done after they are attached. I clean the holes with acetone and sand all the surfaces with sandpaper to clean them.
The bolsters and pins are pressed with a hydraulic press. I find this works better than hammering them.
I take to the belt grinder and a 120 grit belt to start the handle work. First on the flat faces. I like to use the belt longways against the flat platen for this.

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