Thursday, May 21, 2015


I have two pieces of yellow birch to go as scales. These I have stabilized with Stick Fast
I cut the front angle to match the slant of the bolster. This is easy on the compound mitre saw.
I clamp and drill through one scale. There will be three holes, two for 1/8" pins and another for a 1/4" mosaic pin.
I temporarily pin the first scale with dowel and clamp the second scale on as well. Then removing one dowel at a time I drill through the second scale.
I trace the tang shape and trim about 1/8" from the line to give some room to bring everything in line and leave some wood there for shaping.
I cut the pins to full width plus about 1/8". I touch up the ends with some sandpaper and remove any burrs.
Pins are ready. I'll clean and test fit everything before gluing.
Here I am mixing 5 ml of Brownell's Acraglas. The most amazing epoxy I've tried.
I used just about all the 5 ml of Acraglas. Making sure that the holes in the tang are filled. Once clamped I wipe up with Armor All wipes and let it sit overnight.

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