Thursday, May 21, 2015


To shape the handle and bolsters I used the belt grinder with 120 grit belt. The bolsters and pins can get hot and burn the wood, so keeping a bucket of water handy is always a good thing.

Here is the result of some hand sanding with 220 grit. I like to use a short length of 1/2" wooden dowel to help the sandpaper conform to the curves.

Note that I always keep the blade covered with masking tape then working on the handle.

After sanding I like to apply some tung oil and let it dry. Repeating this a few times gives a nice finish and protection to the wood.

Here is the knife ready for final edge.
Using a Norax engineered abrasive belt, 45 micron (about 320 grit) I cut the edge. This knife the edge is set to 18° to 20°. Once the two faces come to a wire edge it's time to strop the burr off.
To remove the burr, a few passes on the sharpening wheel works great.

Now for some clean up with acetone and we're almost ready to go into service. This knife is a loaner.

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