Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The taper of the blade is not quite distal with a little more meat on the spine further towards the tip than a distal. I used the flat platen to work both sides evenly for a desired taper.

For the bevel grind, this one is symmetrical. I used again the the flat platen and the 60 grit belt. I grind from the neck to the tip but avoid grinding the flat of the neck.

I will grind the bevel to about 50 thousandth (0.05") of an inch.
I will clean up the blade before heat treatment. Sometimes scratches can cause fractures after hardening and the steel is under stress.
Some 100 grit sand paper and windex does the trick. The steel is easy to finish now as it's in its annealed state. After hardening, it will be much much harder to sand. 

Before heat treatment, it's key to point out the tang needs to be tapered in both dimensions. This is very important to make the neck of the knife fit precisely into the handle. 

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