Friday, July 24, 2015


Here I am doing some wet sanding at 220 grit. The strokes are even and all move the direction, away from the tang. This is to avoid those little Js and loops from stroking back and forth.
This is a satin 400 grit rub. Ready for maker's mark and wrapping up.
My stencil goes on with regular blue masking tape. I applied electrolyte to the pad and etched for 25 seconds and marked for 15 seconds.
I also have added the steel type to the right side neck.
Ready for taping up.
Marking the tang on to the ferrule. Centred and centred.
Using the long aircraft style bits to drill into the handle.
Making a series of holes with a 7/64" bit in the drill press.
When it comes to jigging out the holes, this comes in really handy. It's a good old jig saw blade installed into a small set of locking pliers.
Here the fitting is almost complete. Just a little needle file work left to do.
Mixing up a batch of Acraglas. 10 ml for this one as the interior of the handle needs to be full. After, I realized that 5 ml would have worked as I had a lot of extra squeeze out.
Note I also taped off the ferrule area. You don't to be getting epoxy on there if you don't have to. It means more clean up. Waiting until tomorrow to see how it all cleans up!

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