Thursday, September 17, 2015


I am working this knife from some AEB-L 3/32" stock. I guess it's probably 2.4 mm or something like that as it's made in Sweden.  The length piece is 12" x 1.5" The pattern is a KN18 full tang.
Here I am rough grinding the primary bevel with a 60 grit ceramic belt (that's looking like it's seen better days!)
Some of the tapering I like to do on the 4 x 36".
This is the basic shape of the knife. It's quite appealing.
Now I mark and drill the holes for the pins in the tang. There are three holes for the scales to go in with and two forward holes for the bolster.
Finished drilling the tang holes.

After I drill the holes for pins I drill a bunch more random holes to take some steel and therefor weight out of the handle.

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