Thursday, September 17, 2015


I want to add a stainless steel bolster to this knife. I have done some basic layout and added a small arc to the rear of the bolster. This should look pretty sweet.
I have some 304 stainless stock and I trace the shape for the left and rightside pieces.
Now to cut out on the band saw,
Once cut I clamp the two pieces together and shape them to the line as a single piece.
While clamping one piece I drill through from the tang.  Holes are for 1/8" stainless pin stock.
I put a temporary pin in and drill the second hole. This process of adding a temporary pin and drilling repeats until all four holes are drilled and the edges line up perfectly.
Removed from the tang, I force the pieces toegher and pin.
Now the bolster can be shaped as a single piece.
Here I am getting ready to press the pins in.
I clean everything very well with acetone and press the pins with some spacers and washers. This make the bolster pieces compress to the tang before the pins grab.
A shot on the grinder and the pins have disappeared.

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