Friday, October 9, 2015

My Gas Forge

I am going to be getting into forging pattern welded steel and wanted a to build a gas forge of useful proportions. The design revolves around a 5 gallon air compressor tank. It has two burners that can be independently fired. This lets me shorten the forge to a 1/2 length by inserting a half-round insulated fire brick and only using the front burner.

The details of the build start here:

Now where did that dang anvil go?


Ajax said...

What anvil are you using, and would a 35 pound anvil mounted on a sturdy base be enough for some small work? Thanks!

D. Comeau said...

I am currently building a 140 lb post anvil with a 4"x4" face and custom horn.

For small work, 35 lbs would be ok for a small say 1 lb hammer. There is a rule that the anvil must be X times the mass of the hammer that strikes it. In practice a 3 lb hammer vs. 100 lb anvil is a good ratio.

My post anvil is almost ready. Stay tuned!


Unknown said...

Looks a lot like the Black Dragon MKII that is made by Neels van den Berg here in SA. I have one of his smaller postbox forges (single burner) and they are really nice!

D. Comeau said...

I am a big fan of Neels knives. I didn't know he made forges too. Cool.