Sunday, November 1, 2015


After the G/flex has hardened overnight, I got the handle on the 4x36" belt sander and flattened the pins and evened out scales so they are equal thickness. It's easier to do this when they are on the knife as you have something to hold on to.  
Next I walk around and shape the profile bringing the shape of the scales close to the steel.
Here we can see the fill in the vine pattern. G/flex is looking good and doesn't smell like other epoxies.
 I sometimes use the 2" wheel on the platen to shape inside the belly of the handle.
For tighter rounds I go to the spindle sander or use the small wheel attachment on the 2x72".
Next the rounding of the handle happens. This is all done by eye and feel. I am checking how thick the handle feels and how it tapers, symmetry etc.

I like to do the bulk of the wood removal with a 120 grit belt.

Some more precise sanding goes on at the bench with 220 grit and 320 grit. I use blocks and pieces of dowel to get inside the curves.
A first application of mineral oil really brings the burl to life.

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