Sunday, November 1, 2015


After the bevels are close on the belt grinder I usually go over the blade with some sand paper for a wet sand. This isn't the final bevel as it will be carefully ground after heat treatment. The objective is get get the surface smooth and free of any large scratches that can cause stress during quenching.
Before going to heat treatment, I thought some filework would make a nice spine. Here I have marked off at 10mm (3/8") intervals
 I start with the half rounds alternating left and right on the marks.
Then I cut the leaves just above the half rounds. A small sharp needle file works good for this.
 This is before heat treat and will be cleaned up afterwards.
 Coating with Condursal Z1100.
 Bring the oven up to 1060°C for a soak.
Out of the oven into the warmed oil. Normally, I have been plate quenching stainless, but after a conversation with veteran knifemaker Ed Storch at the Metal Art Show in Wetaskiwin, I wanted to try some oil quench and see if it really gives an extra point or two of hardness.
In an instant the flame is out. I am lucky to catch the photo with the auto timer. From here it's immediately into the tempering oven at 200°C.

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