Monday, December 21, 2015


With the holiday season coming there are orders to fill and knives for the kitchen are in demand. The KN18 pattern is a full tang, but I have modified it on steel to create a through tang. The stock is 3/32" x 1-1/2" AEB-L, which will make a good slicer.

 Here I have the pattern in thin plywood.
To make a through tang, the pattern is traced and modified. You can see the full tang blade and how I will be extending it about an inch. 
 Cutting out the basic shape on the band saw.
The tang has to be tapered, but the end needs enough meat to hold a machine screw for the butt cap.
 Now over to the belt grinder to bring the shape to the lines.
Here you can see how the stainless steel screw will  fit into the end of the tang. The needs to be removable or the bolster end would have to have larger hole in it to pass over the screw head.


smeercat said...

Looks Good! How thin could the starting stock be before running into warping issues during hardening? Or should I just stick to 3/32?

D. Comeau said...

I leave it at 3/32" and grind post heat treat. It has also to do with the length of the blade. As a shorter blade would be less likely to warp than a longer one.

smeercat said...

Thank you for the advice. When I am done I will send you a pic!