Monday, December 21, 2015


With the blade done, I start on the pieces to make the handle stack. The front end or guard is a piece of AEB-L left over from cutting the knife profile. I make a slot in the guard by drilling four 5/64" holes and joining them with a needle file. Lots of patience and test fitting against the tang is required. This picture is taken when test fitting.
For the main part of the handle I have a block of Amboyna burl that has been stabilized. Ideal for a kitchen knife.
Some African blackwood will make another part of the stack. The holes here are not super critical as they are out of view. I also cut two pieces of red spacer material.
The tang has to be checked with the screw in place. The screw cannot turn under moderate torque.
Now that the block is sized, I drill it out to fit the tang. Three 3/16" holes go in about 1/2 way. Then they are joined to make a slot. I then drill a hole from the other end to let the screw pass through.
A test fit showing the front parts and the screw sticking out.
A piece of 3/8" stainless 304 is drilled and tapped to 8-32 to match the tang screw.
Here you can see how these are lining up.
Ready to mix some G/flex. For this build I mixed 10ml (2 tbsp).
Here's all the components lined up.
On with the gooping. The epoxy goes between all the pieces and lots in the main block hole.
Then I screw the stainless butt on and compress the stack. Only about 5 to 10 lbs of force is needed. Not too much or all the epoxy will squeeze out.

This is a graphic I made to show the basic handle construction concept.

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