Thursday, May 5, 2016


For the Canadian Knifemaker Forum KITH we are making paring or bird & trout knives. These are generally small blades around 3-1/2" and used for light duties.

I have started with a template printed on paper. The ruler is printed on the page as well for length reference.
Once the template has been glued to some thin plywood I cut these out.
Shaping the finger choil on the spindle sander.
Here's the two patterns. One has a smooth handle taper and the other (bottom one) has a finger choil.
I am able to get both knives from a piece of 2" AEB-L. The stock is 0.130" thick.
I used the porta-band to sever the twins.
To remove the bulk of the finger choil I make some slits and cut them out.
The round is made with a 1" drum on the spindle sander. Also the 1" small wheel on the belt grinder would work here.
I used a chunky 36 grit to get the profile very close to the line.

With a magnet holding the blank on the flat platen I clean it up.

This is the one blank with the choil. This is DH55.

This is the one without a choil. This is DH55a.

Both are the same length.

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