Wednesday, May 4, 2016


I laid out the pin holes and kind of figured where the bolster lines will go. For the pins I use numbered bits which are slightly larger than the pin stock.
The pin holes are drilled.
After the pin holes, I will blap (technical word for careless random  drilling) holes to reduce the weight of the tang end.

Before going into the oven, I coat the entire knife with stop off paint.

And hang them to dry. As you can see I have several knives going into the oven today.
Once the oven is around 860°C (1580°F) I open the door and set the blade in spine down. Then allow them to sit for about 10 minute before starting the ramp up to 1060°C (1940°F).
Once at soak temperature, I let the knives sit in there for about 15 minutes and take them out one at a time and quench in oil. Sorry no pictures of these quenches. Auto timer was off somehow.
They are hard, but very stressed. I wipe them off and turn on the start up the tempering oven.
I then clamped them all together with some steel (not painted) c-clamps.
Into the tempering oven at 185° (365°F) for two hours, cool to room temperature and repeat.
This is my handy oven count-down timer. It runs for 2 hours then shuts off. It can be set to go for 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours. Of course, this is just for convenience. I never leave the shop when the ovens are on. Things can catcha-fire.

P.S. this timer is a Woods model 50030 and it's sold on for cheap.

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