Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Once out of heat treatment, I clean up the blade and start marking my bevels for grinding. I do all the grinding after heat treatment. I flatten the faces with the flat platen while holding the blade with a magnet. I've also taking a liking to "cut proof" gloves for this.
Next I work the bevels back from the edge to the spine. Trying of course to keep the plunge lines the same on both sides.
I worked the flat grind all the way to near kissing the spine. That's at 120 grit.
Now some hand sanding with water.
This is after some hand sanding and some work with the conditioning belt.

Here I am using a 400 grit aluminum oxide to put the cutting edge on. In slack belt mode I find the edge is nice and even.

The stencil goes down for etching.I am using the Poor Man's Etcher for this. With proper stainless steel electrolyte solution.

And the etch is complete.

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