Monday, August 29, 2016


After the epoxy is hard I like to flatten the faces of the scales with the tool rest at 90° and some 60 grit.
Then working at 45°, bevel the handle to get a rounder feel to it.

Now to the slack belt with a 120 grit. This process is about holding the blade and rotating the handle on the slack belt. This creates a smooth rounded handle. 
After moving to a 220 grit Aluminum Oxide (AO) belt any rough spots or depressions are sanded out. The focus is on the stainless bolster with minimal pressure are the scale/bolster transition. We don't want the scale to be gouged out at the bolster transition or it will feel abrupt and sharp.

 Some finishing sanding on the bench with 400 grit and water.

After a few soaks in mineral oil and then a few more of tung oil, the handle is buffed with a clean cotton buffing wheel.

Thanks for looking!