Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Belt Speed Calculator

I get asked a lot about what speed a motor with a drive wheel and a ratio of pulley 1 and pulley 2. It's a lot of stuff to figure out especially if you factor in a VFD driving the whole lot.

Being shut out of the shop for another cold week where the temperatures were dipping to the -30°C (-22°F) mark. I put on my programming hat on and made a simple to use online belt speed calculator which covers a whole bunch of scenarios.

Hopefully you will find this useful if you are designing a belt grinder or working with different ratios to get belt speed to match the material that you are grinding or polishing. You will find some recommended belt speeds for different materials as well as some other useful information from Klingspor in their technical document.

Stay warm and happy grinding!


Psy Knives said...

Cheers Dan, again a very useful work, thank you for sharing it!

D. Comeau said...

You are welcome. Hope it comes in handy.


B. Dixon said...

good post

Unknown said...

Why so few motor options? My motor is 4800 rpms, I could do the math myself easy enough, but just checking it out for the wheel change without math and obviously with the wrong rpms it's a no go.

D. Comeau said...

The calculator is for AC induction motors. You may find a suitable RPM by adjusting the frequency to closely agree with your RPMs. For example 80 Hz, 2 poles = 4800 RPM. Then add your pulley ratios if applicable.