Thursday, March 16, 2017


This month with snow and cold allowed me to spend some more quality time with my computer. A few topics that have been sitting in my Work in Process pile for a long time came to the fore. The first is my Belt Grinder Motor Guide. It's an effort to answer some of the many questions that arise when makers start down the "I am going to build me a belt grinder" path. Motors are complex, yet with some basic knowledge you can make a decision on the suitability of a motor before you buy.

Another page that's come through the pipe is Part 5 of the VFD series called VFDs: Part 5 - Remote Control. This segment is all about speed control and remote start/stop for your VFD. The tutorial is mostly generic, with a focus on the popular TECO Westinghouse L510 VFD.

Hope to be back in the shop soon as warmer weather comes our way. I've got a belt release lever coming for the BG-272 and a variable speed grinder wheel turning machine that uses a DC treadmill motor. Lots of exciting stuff.

As always, if you have a question or want to fire a comment off, your input is always appreciated!