Sunday, September 17, 2017

KN20 Large Honesuki (garasuki)

This is a larger version of the KN20 honesuki sometimes called a garasuki. The blade is generally a little thicker and longer than a typical honesuki. This one is made from 0.130" AEB-L and features through-tang construction with brass, black paper Micarta and fibre spacers, with the main part of the handle being a synthetic material known as Acrylester Renaissance  #102 . The blade is 175 mm or just shy of 7" long.

West Systems G-flex is used to all the handle pieces together.

Once the stack is all in place the butt is threaded on to the tang screw and a 3/16" mosaic pin is peened into the remaining hole.
Some work on the slack belt really shows how Acrylester is going to turn out. After 400 grit, I took it over to the bench and hand sanded to 1500 grit, followed by some Meguiar's Plast-X plastic polish.

And some photos from the light box...

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Freakin awesome!!! That handle is ridiculous! - Dustin G

D. Comeau said...

Thanks Dustin!

That handle is made from a product called Acrylester. It comes in so many cool colors and patterns. This is Renaissance 102 from Wood & Acrylic Supply.



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