Thursday, February 15, 2018

Making of the DG-9 9" Disc Grinder (coming soon!)

It's been a long few wintry month and a half and cabin fever seems to be getting the best of me. While staring out the window at the snow, I started day dreaming about making a 9" disc grinder.

Soon parts started to arrive...Hopefully spring will too.

The KBAC-27D is a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) that can control the speed and rotation of a three phase motor up to 2 horsepower, rated 208/230 VAC. This VFD has an advantage when used in the gritty environment of a belt grinder because it's sealed up and dust isn't allowed to get inside.

The motor is an Ironhorse 1.5 horsepower 4 pole (1725 RPM) three phase unit from Automation Direct. Similar to the one I used in my Sayber OSG but this one runs at half the speed.

The 9" disc is machined from a solid aluminum billet. I ordered this from It is a 9" disc that has a 1° bevel on the face, so really it's a tiny bit like a cone. This bevel is to help prevent the knife that you are grinding from catching the opposite side of the disc and flinging it upwards. 

Along with the basic frame details, I will be putting up some posts on how to wire the KBAC for forward and reverse and installing the main power switch. 

Stay tuned,


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Unknown said...

What perfect timing. I've just purchased the parts to make my own and have been working on a design to be a vertical/horizontal version. I can't wait to see yours!