Sunday, April 22, 2018

Working on a Chef's Knife CPMS35VN

Finally the weather has warmed and some steel that has been sitting since last year is taking shape.

I heat treated and ground this blade in autumn 2017 and did some hand sanding indoors while winter held its grip on us northerners.

With all the handle components lined up and cleaned it was time to get the G-flex on. This handle is a plugged version of the a hidden tang. The plug is a small piece of stabilized maple burl.

After the epoxy is set the handle is squared up and shaped with a 60 grit belt.

For rounding out the handle I like using the slack section of the belt and kind of rotate the handle to give it the oval shape that fits well in the hand.

Here I am working on sanding the back end. You can see plug there.

Doing some more wet sanding on the bench and epoxy clean up.

Thanks for looking!



Unknown said...

Very well built Dan!I hope someday I can also make one.Keep it up and God bless.

D. Comeau said...

Thanks Mario!

Derek said...

Hey Dan, you doing ok? Haven’t seen you on the Facebook world lately. That may be a good thing ;) Anyway, hope all is well with you and yours. Derek

D. Comeau said...

Yes, I am doing well. Getting lots of things done and spending less time on social media. Thanks!