Tuesday, May 29, 2018

KN41-2 Hidden Tang in Nitro-V Blue Curly Maple and Brass

Hidden Tang 9" Chef's Knife in Nitro-V

This is another KN41 in the through tang handle configuration which I extended the blade by nearly an inch. It features are clipped tip shape and 9" cutting edge. The handle is made from brass and blue dyed curly maple stabilized at Woodstabilizer.com. The rear bolster is threaded on to a stainless steel tang screw that is fitted into the knife tang during assembly. The handle is 4.25" long with another 1/2" at the neck for pinch gripping.

The rear bolster is angled to reduce some of the back-end weight and bring the balance forward around the pinch-grip position.

The blade is symmetrical ground from 0.09" at the spine to 0.015" at the heel with a 17° cutting edge. 

Sometimes one cannot be sure what the inside of a block of wood will reveal when working it down from the outside. This is the beauty of wood.

Stropping the edge on a leather strop before testing in the kitchen. 


Friday, May 18, 2018

AEB-L Chef's Knife in Acrylester and Brass

This is another 8" chef knife made from AEB-L 3/32" stock that is from the KN41 full tang pattern which I will post soon. The blade is symmetrical flat ground down to 0.015" and then a 17° (per side) cutting edge was formed.

The bolsters are brass and the scales are Blue and White Acrylester #36 from Wood and Acrylic Supply.

The pins are 3/16" brass and a center mosaic.

Coming up is another chef in Nitro-V.