Friday, May 18, 2018

AEB-L Chef's Knife in Acrylester and Brass

This is another 8" chef knife made from AEB-L 3/32" stock that is from the KN41 full tang pattern which I will post soon. The blade is symmetrical flat ground down to 0.015" and then a 17° (per side) cutting edge was formed.

The bolsters are brass and the scales are Blue and White Acrylester #36 from Wood and Acrylic Supply.

The pins are 3/16" brass and a center mosaic.

Coming up is another chef in Nitro-V.


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Unknown said...

Another beautiful Knife from you. Thank you so much for your website. I really hope you keep it updated for a long time, it has helped me so much, as I learn to make knives. Between this site, knifemaker Gil Cote giving advice (he lives in my town) and the facebook Forging it Forward ( A group of blacksmiths who try and help each other out with tools and such) I have really been able to keep my interest and fall in love with learning the craft. Thanks a ton, and keep the info and knives coming, Im a sucker for knowledge.