Thursday, July 19, 2018

KN44 Nitro-V Full Tang Chef Knife - The Hollowing

KN44 Nitro-V Full Tang Chef Knife - The Hollowing

The last knife I made featured a slight concave on the right side to aid in slicing and releasing wet foods. As a next step I wanted to make a grind that has opposing concave grinds that look more or less like this:

This is looking from the rear. On the left side of the blade I used a 12" contact wheel and on the right side of the blade I used a smaller 10" contact wheel. Ideally a 6" or 8" wheel would be better on the right side scoop. However, sometimes one has to make do.

I learned that the 10" contact wheel I made for my older BG-272 fits into my newer Sayber grinder. Coincidence?

Here you can see the hollow starting to take shape.

The view from the back. It's a pretty good match to what I hand in mind.

West meets East in a sort of kitchen Bowie with an asymmetrical Japanese style grind. It should be good for a tester.

I have to say, that this one bit me in the thumb. It's incredibly sharp.



Johan Nel said...

Hi Dan,
I'm curious as to how the blade performs in cutting & slicing. Would you mind giving some feedback, please?

D. Comeau said...

Hi Johan,

After a week and a half of testing in the kitchen I would have to say that this is the best slicing knife that I have made. The angle of the edge should be increased a little to provide a some additional edge durability for when encountering bones and hard materials. I will take it to around 20° which I don't think will reduce performance too much. I have some video that I will post soon.


Unknown said...

Ok, I searched all over for an email to send this to you without success...I am fascinated with stainless damacus blades...I noticed that most use a canister sealed on both ends and forged...according to what is said this is to keep out the oxygen. I would think that if you would build a little tent similar to a sandblaster or what mushroom growers use, and fill it with argon. Then weld the canister up out side the tent but drill 2 holes in the ends. Then in the tent purge the holes with argon and tig weld up the holes this would fill the canister with argon removing all the oxy. I am a professional food grade piping tig welder, where the inside of the pipe weld must look exactly as the outside. Mark

Johan Nel said...

Thanks for the feedback, Dan. I'm looking forward to the video.
At what angle is the edge at the moment, 17 degrees?