Tuesday, August 7, 2018

KN41 in S35VN and Amboyna Burl and 304 Stainless

KN41 in S35VN and Amboyna Burl and Stainless

This is a 9.5" through tang chef's knife made from Crucible's CPMS35VN steel. The handle is stabilized Amboyna burl with red and black 1/32" spacers and a threaded 3/8" 304 stainless butt end.


Unknown said...


I would like to know where did you get your spacers?

D. Comeau said...


The spacer material I use is vulcanized fiber. If you are in Canada, Canadian Knifemaker Supply has different colours. If you are in the USA, check Jantz Supply or USA Knifemaker.


Tom said...

great looking knife!

Unknown said...

Can you please add a 16"option to the hollow grind calculator? Thank you for your help!