Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Added a Knifemaker's Vise How To

How about a handy knifemaker's vise that takes up to 2-1/4" tall blades? I made this from scrap and a few nuts and bolts. It can be clamped in a regular mechanic's vise or mounted to the face of a workbench. Welding the base to the bottom of the section and you can mount it to the top of your workbench. Super handy for working on handles.

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JayBogg said...

Dan, Nice to see you are still kickin'... Have wondered about you the past coupla years and absence on the homemade grinder page... Miss the sanity you brought when discussions started goin' sideways!! Very rarely go there anymore myself... Plan on starting to follow your blog now that I found it again... Just picked up some Nitro V and saw you use it, care to share your recipe for HT? Looking forward to seeing your blog entries!! Sincerely, JB Marsh

D. Comeau said...

Hey JB,

Great to hear from you. Ya I stopped Facebook about a year ago. I found I was spending way too much time dilly-dallying. I took that time and spent it on making knives and tools. Well worth it. I still answer emails and help people out if they ask. I am on Insta as well which I find much less intrusive (although it's owned by FB).

This was my first use of Nitro-V. I heat treated the same as I would AEB-L. I did the first few blades without cryo and they perform admirably. Performance wise, right up there with S35VN for about 1/2 the price.

I clean and coat the steel with Condursal X1100, dry, put in the oven at 860°C (~1580°F) heat to 1060°C(~1940°F). I don't do an equalization rest as the steel I use is thin and my oven moves fairly slow. Soak for 15 minutes and plate quench with two 1/2" copper plates. Then a tempering cycle for 2 hours 200°C (~400°F) and then cool to room temp. Repeat tempering cycle for another 2 hours. Hardness is somewhere around 58 HRC. My kitchen tester is holding up very well after several months of daily use. Gets extremely sharp like AEB-L and yet takes more abuse. I think that was Aldo's plan. Great steel.

The next batch I am going to cryo them in dry ice and see if it's noticeable as many report this is the case. Just got to get my hands on some old cooler and some dry ice when the time comes.

Waiting for the deep freeze to end and I'll be back at it.


Unknown said...

Glad to see this. I was looking for ideas for a knifemakers vise, and had something like this in mind.

Only thing I want to do that is a bit different is add a ball and socket type joint at the 90 degree so it can pivot around. Just havent figured out exactly what I can use for that part or how to implement it.

I was thinking of rigging up a ball joint somehow, but I want something with a bit more articulation.

D. Comeau said...

Hi Derek,

That would be damn cool for sure. A large ball bearing in two concave jaws would work. I've seen the Oregon (Origin) Blade Maker work table that features a ball joint like this.

All the best,