Monday, August 17, 2020

KN74 Beta Honesuki in AEB-L and Brown Curly Maple

Right Handed Honesuki

This is Beta, brother to KN74 Alpha shown in a previous post. This 5.5" honesuki has a stabilized brown dyed curly maple handle with 416 stainless pins and a stainless and brass mosaic pin at the centre position. 

This is a right-handed asymmetrical ground blade where the left side is essentially flat and the right side of the blade is beveled. I left the bevel grind at 120 grit to give some contrast in the lines. 


I cut the curly maple scales off of a stabilized block from Don at in British Columbia. I wanted to keep the heartwood to sapwood boundary lines in it. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

KN74 Alpha Honesuki in AEB-L and Jester Acrylester

KN74 Alpha in AEB-L and Jester Acrylester

This is a 5.5" Honesuki Western made from 1/8" AEB-L and Jester Acrylester scales. Pins are 416 stainless. This is "Alpha"...the first of three from this template

I bumped the pattern up to 2" and took a little point out of the K tip/