Sunday, April 25, 2021

KN48-6 Nitro-V Red Maple Chef's Knife

And...another KN48 full tang

This one is number six in the clan. A sleek and slicy 8.25" Nitro-V cheffy, featuring a handle shaped from stabilized red curly maple that tapers out to the butt for a super comfy and confident grip. Bolsters are 416 stainless accented by black liners. Pins are 416 and a 1/4" stainless mosaic in the centre position. Weighing in at a nimble 168 g (5.9 oz) and balanced for pinch grip hold; certainly a pleasure to operate.   

Thanks for stopping by. Happy making!



HobbiesOutlook said...

This is really good keep it up :) !!!

D. Comeau said...

Cheers mate!