Monday, June 21, 2021

TP4 6" Fillet Knife - Peacock Acrylester over AEB-L

This is the second TP4 that I have made. The handle is slightly longer, but has a firm hooked into the hand feeling. Shaped from 3/32" AEB-L and clad with peacock acrylester this knife is a joy to handle. 


Monday, June 14, 2021

KN85-3 Honesuki in AEB-L and Desert Ironwood

This is a 160 mm right-handed honesuki made from AEB-L and desert ironwood. 

The construction is in such a way that the butt is screwed on and the screw is connected to the tang. This all happens inside the handle so it's in a way hidden and through at the same time.  

Bolster and butt are stainless with brass accents which go well with the rich ironwood tones. 


KN85-2 Honesuki in AEB-L and African Blackwood


Here's a 160 mm honesuki made from AEB-L and African blackwood. The bolsters are brass with copper and brass mokume gane and jade acrylester accents.