Fixed Blade Anatomy

When talking about making knives we often have to describe different parts of the knife and of course there is a host of unique terms that have evolved over the years. Although this is not a complete list, here are some the terms that I use when describing a fixed blade knife.

Point - the very tip of the blade.

Tip - the portion about 1/4 of the end of the blade.

Blade Belly -  the curved underside of the blade (sharpened side).

Clip -  the line from the spine to the point when it is straight.

Swedge - a false (unsharpened) edge.

Grind Line - junction of the flat of the blade begins primary bevel.

Plunge Line - junction of ricasso and primary bevel.

Ricasso - unsharpened area between cutting edge and handle.

Bolster - handle pieces added for reinforcement. Can be front /rear.

Finger Choil - any curved indentation designed to accommodate fingers.

Pin (Rivet) - device to attach scales or handles. Not removable.

Handle Belly - curved underside of handle.

Butt - rear of the knife.

Spine -  the thick part above the cutting area, not in the handle area.

Tang - the blade that extends into the handle.

Scale -  material attached to the tang to form a handle



Unknown said...

I really appreciate all the knowledge that you have taken eons of time to put on here. I have been learning more every page

D. Comeau said...

Thank you for your kind words!