Knife Patterns II

Please see the original Knife Patterns page for more templates and a brief tutorial on making a pattern.

These are not to be considered perfect templates, but rather a starting point for you to tweak the curves and shape. Print the PDF and glue the selected size on to a piece of thin plywood, polycarbonate or other easy to work material. Ideally you will make a few different sizes and one of them will fit your piece of steel.

These are FREE to use. Free as in Beer. If you do use them, I'd appreciate if you sent me a note or a pic of the finished knife; that would be awesome!

Note: Save the PDF or open in Acrobat first before printing. Printing directly from your browser's preview as this can distort the dimensions. 
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DH40 Drop Point Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

DH38 Slender Drop Point

CP13 - Long Clip Point

DH36 Drop Point Hunter

drop point hunter template

DH35 Drop-Point Full Flat

FK1 Filleting Knife

CP12 - Clip Point  Inspired by Lloyd Harding's Collection

TP1 (Trailing Point)

CP11 - Clip Point

DS4 Skinner (Skeleton)

DH34 - Drop Point

CP10 - Clip Point

 KN6 - Chef's Knife

 CP9 - Clip-Point Hunter w/Bolster

 DS3 Skinner

DH33 Hunter

KN5 Kitchen Knife (Chef's knife)

 Nessmuk w/Scandi Grind

DH31 - 'Slim Skinner'

DH30 - 'Gentleman's'

DH29 - Drop Point

DH28 - Drop Point

DH27 - Drop Point

DH25 Drop Point

DH24 - Drop Point

DH23 - Drop Point

TT1 - Tanto

DH21 - Drop Point

DS1 - Drop Point Skinner

DH20 Drop Point

DH19 Drop Point

More knife patterns here:
Knife Patterns
Knife Patterns III
Knife Patterns IV
Knife Patterns V and Knife Patterns VI pages

Please see the first Knife Patterns page for more templates and a brief tutorial on making a pattern.

Take a look at what Falco, Lars & Sten did with a DH12 pattern. They swept the blade a little and it finished up really well for their second knife! Thanks for sending the photos guys.

These photos are from Albert-Curtis who has made some impressive knives with variations to DH13 and DH15. And some very sharp looking leatherwork too!


Unknown said...

thank you for the templates, will you make a nessmuk template?

D. Comeau said...

I have a nessmuk. I will PDF and upload soon. Thank you for the suggestion.

Unknown said...

no need to thank me, i'm about to get my belt sander soon, i'm at the test season in my school so I hope I will get to make some knives and that one of them will be one of those templates.
be sure that I will send you photos of it.


D. Comeau said...

Good luck Roy. I have another nessmuk with a flat grind that I still need to PDF. Coming soon.

Doc Trooper said...

Hi, can you upload on an Rat 5 template ? Thanks in advance said...

Can I make a sugestion for a template? Make a Kukri. Nice balance for heavy use.

Unknown said...

Thank you very much for the patterns! You are a giving spirit.
God bless.

Unknown said...

And/or a British pattern Golok.

A great resource, thanks!

Unknown said...

When i click on the CP9 picture, it links to the DS3 template ;)

D. Comeau said...

Thanks for the head's up. I fixed the link now.

Unknown said...

I have .026 titanium stock. Do you have any suggestions for a simple knife that would work well with this stock?

Unknown said...

FWIW, I have several species of exotic wood that would work well for the scales. Also, this is going to be something I am going to sell, so mass appeal is important. I was thinking maybe a drop point skinner?

D. Comeau said...

The 0.026 is incredibly thin for most knives. 0.020" is close to the thickness of the primary bevel before I put the cutting edge one, half the thickness of a dime or so. Perhaps a scalpel or very thin filleting knife.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for responding. I also have some stainless that's a bit thicker, .045 or so. Any suggestions for that?

D. Comeau said...

Hi Sola,

The thinnest steel I have used is 0.0625" which was for a filleting knife.

Most cutlery steels come in
1/16" (0.625")
3/32" (0.094")
1/8" (0.125")
5/32" (0.156") and so on. 1/16" being the thinnest generally available in plain high carbon or stainless steels. Thinner steel can be easy to warp in the heat treatment process.

I can't say for sure, but 0.45" stainless is probably low carbon steel and won't harden properly. The steel is so very critical to the knife and all the effort you put into it may be wasted by using the wrong type of steel, I'd suggest buying a small length of 1080, 1084 or O1 steel in 1/8" thickness. With this you can make a really good, durable knife that will last a lifetime.

All the best,

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dan. I was hoping to make something I could sell to help pay for these materials (which I got at an estate sale of a pen maker). Just out of curiosity, does titanium need to be heat treated?



Robbin van Oijen said...

Thnx for the patterns!
i made a neckknife version of the ds1 skinner.
Made from O2 tool steel with azobe handle and copper inserts.
it is my second attempt on knife making and not perfect but with simple tools it was a lot of fun to make and i'm pretty pleased with the result. i can send you some pictures if you want...

D. Comeau said...

Thanks for the comments. If you'd like to send a photo or two I am posting some images in the Gallery of Submitted Photos page. There is an email link at the top of this page.

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Many thanks for your work! I used the drawing Dh29. I'm going to use your drawings in their work further. I do not know English very well - could not find how to send you a photo of the knife .... It is a pity .... In any case - do not stop doing it very useful thing! )))) (Thanks to Google translator) :)

D. Comeau said...

Thanks for your kind words Alex! There is a link on this page near the top that says "send me your knife pics!"

Unknown said...

would you happen to have a gut hook template? thanks!

Unknown said...

do you have plans for a cut throat blade

Graphics Designer said...
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Unknown said...

Grand, grand merci. J'espère devenir comme toi

D. Comeau said...


Jan Otto said...

Thank you!! 😊👍

Unknown said...

hi, great designs but could you make a trailing point template?

Unknown said...

As a noob to knife making world I greatly appreciate all your efforts. As soon as I get my first line of projects I will get some picts sent. Thanks again.

D. Comeau said...

Thank your kind words! Happy holidays.


Unknown said...

I wouldn't consider titanium to be a great knife material as it lacks the hardness and cannot generally be heat treated. It will look nice and be light though. If it's a Titanium carbide it should work well but will be very hard to work with. And heavy.

Have fun!

Unknown said...

Awesome templates mate. Any chance you have a Kephart style available?

Unknown said...

I've used some of your Japanese kitchen knife blanks to build some knives from old saw blades and reclaimed oak. So pleased and greatful for the blanks.

Unknown said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks a bunch for these. I used your KN6 B4E-10 chef's knife pattern as a starting point for this knife:

CPM S35VN steel, with a nickel silver bolster and neon green and black G10. Copper rivets. It's about the 12th knife I've ever made.

I ended up giving it away as a wedding gift to my cousin in England. And, of course, had her give me a penny so it wouldn't sever our relationship.

Appreciate the tremendous resource you've provided here!


Psy Knives said...

Dear Dan!
Thank you for providing such awsome drawings.
I made this knife based on one of your drawings, slightly modifyed by a friend:

Keep up the good work, and make awsome knives!

Unknown said...

When will you add Slavik Telys Seraga Knife?