CNC 3018 Router and Laser Kit- Part 2

CNC 3018 Router and Laser Kit- Part 2

Wiring and software setup

To mount the laser module driver board I fabricated a small piece of aluminum and mounted it to the rear of the gantry next to the GRBL board.

A little bit of cable management. The kit does come with a few nylon cable ties, but no spiral wrap.

The power supply and USB cable plug in the left side of the board. I am concerned about breaking the USB connector of the circuit board if the cable gets yanked so I tied them down with cable ties.

After making a sacrificial table top and dawning the lovely green laser glasses, I put the power to the GRBL board and connected the USB to the tablet.

Following the instructions, I found the driver file on the CD ROM and the install was a success!

The software that comes with this model is called Litefire. It automatically detected the COM port for the USB on my tablet.

I tested the laser on low power to focus the beam. The wood began burning immediately on low power.

Next is learning the software and power control; then try some engraving.

UPDATE: I made some smoke last night. The focus ring on the laser module seems a little loose. Not sure if that is affecting the intensity of the beam. It appears to be about 0.5 mm spot. I have also learned to be patient. Whatever graphic I chose to burn takes a long time to complete. I will start on some different materials and setting to see what it can do.

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