CNC 3018 Router and Laser Kit- Part 3 Testing

CNC 3018 Laser Kit - Testing on Leather and Wood

So yes, this thing works ok on wood. This is at the lowest power setting and a speed of 6000 mm/minute. I found that running too slowly, say 1000 mm/minute simply burns everything to a char. For each application some experimenting will be required to get the speed and power correct.

Still figuring the software out. The LiteFire software takes JPEG/JPG type files (which is odd because JPG is a large pallet full colour format and a laser really needs black and white images). I took one of my logos, reduced it to around 100 pixels x 50 pixels and saved it as a JPG. 

I did some more testing on both leather and wood while trying to get a feel for the speed setting.

This is a logo burned on to a piece of tanned leather. After adjusting the speed to 6000 mm/minute it seemed to make a cleaner finish.  

This is my seal on some scrap koa wood. The diameter of the seal is just a smidge under 1" so you can get an idea of the detail in scale. I am quite happy with the level of detail.

I am taking notes on material, speed and power.

It's becoming clear that a laser essentially burns stuff and makes smoke. I will make a hooded enclosure that has an exhaust fan and hose to suck the smoke outside. (sorry neighbour) Burning mahogany adds a nice campfire smell to the shop. Burning leather, plastic or rubber not so much.

When I get some Dry Moly lube I will take the power off minimum and try marking some stainless steel.

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