CNC 3018 Router and Laser Kit- Part 4 Dry Moly Lube

Originally the goal was to see if an inexpensive CNC laser could make a permanent mark on stainless steel using a generic molybdenum disulfide coating.

I wasn't able to get my hands on any CRC brand Dry Moly Lube as prescribed by others, but I did manage to have some Crown 6080 Dry Moly Lube ordered in to my local Acklands.

The MSDS claims that it contains 3% to 7% molybdenum disulfide.

This is a single coat of lube on a piece of AEB-L steel that has been cleaned with 220 grit sandpaper.

After two passes at 300 mm/minute at full power the results are in. Yes, it will mark stainless steel. Is it going to blow your socks off with amazing crisp black lines? No.

Moving forward I will try another dry moly lube and/or see about upping the power of the laser module.

UPDATE: 2019-01-29

The laser in its new home. I made an enclosure with lid and an exhaust port.
Here I am trying to etch NITRO V on the right side of a test blade. I have applied one thin layer of dry moly lube and set the laser speed down to 100 mm/minute (slow). Power is max, detail is 75%.
 You can see some pixelation in the marking. I think this can be improved with the detail value in the software. However I am uncertain as to what this number actually does.
The logo on the opposite side also looks a little pixelated when viewed up close.  Some more work to do, but the engraving contrast has greatly improved with the slower speed.

So far, I think this is going to work. There is very little clean up after marking. Dry moly lube wipes off easily with acetone or paint thinner.

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