Knife Patterns IV

Note: Save the PDF or open in Acrobat first before printing. Printing directly from your browser's preview can distort the dimensions.

If you need help in making a pattern, see the small post on the bottom of the original Knife Patterns page. For additional patterns, see the Knife Patterns II and Knife Patterns IIIKnife Patterns V and Knife Patterns VI pages.

KN37 Kitchen Utility

DH58 Camp/Hunter

KN36 - Kitchen Utility

CP21 Clip Point Camper Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

CP20 Clip Point Hunter

 Clip point hunter large

HT3 Hidden Tang Hunting Knife Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

KN34 Honesuki Western Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

KN33 Kiritsuke Styled Gyuto Wa Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

DH55 and DH55a (Bird & Trout)

DH54 Drop Point Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

GH1 Gut Hook Hunter Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

KN32 Kitchen Knife Set (3 pages) Page 1, Page 2 & Page 3 Template - DanCom-2016.pdf Template - DanCom-2016.pdf Template - DanCom-2016.pdf

KN31 Kitchen Utility Template - DanCom 2016.pdf


CP19 Clip Point Template - DanCom-2016.pdf

KN30 Gyuto

 KN29 Kiritsuke Styled Gyuto

KN27 Full Tang Chef's Knife Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN24 Artisan Kitchen Set - DanCom 2015.pdf

CP18 Clip Point

htto:// Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

 DH56 Hunter with Bolster Template - DanCom 2016.pdf

KN22 Chef's Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN21 (full tang nakiri) Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

CP17 Clip Point Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

DH53 "Fighter" Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN20 Honesuki wa Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN19 Nakiri wa Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN18 Gyuto Western Handle Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN12 Gyuto (wa) Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

For additional patterns, see the Knife Patterns Knife Patterns II and Knife Patterns IIIKnife Patterns V and Knife Patterns VI pages.


jimD said...

Great site, lots and lots of information to read through, well done. Greetings from Waterford,Ireland.

Unknown said...

Lovely templates.
Has anyone got a patron for a small hatchet/Axe?
I have a 12 saw blade I'd like to try make a hatchet from but can't decide on a design I like

D. Comeau said...

A hatchet is more of a forged (vs. stock removal) project. I have seen some great hatchets made from ball pein hammers

Unknown said...

Check they have a bunch of really good info on making a tomahawk from a ball peen hammer. Isn't too difficult and you can adapt it to your design

Unknown said...

Dan, this is a great website, someone recommended your site on blade forums and I've spent an entire night reading over it. So much great information.

D. Comeau said...

Thanks for your kind words.



Unknown said...

Any chance you can put up the Bark River Bushcrafter II pattern? Thanks.

Unknown said...

AWESOME- very nice knife templates, awesome for knife makers, keep up the great work, hope to see more knife templates in future, maybe folding knife templates aren't many out there,..??

Unknown said...

Do you have a kephart design. Thanks for the patterns.

Unknown said...

How about a kobun style tanto? Thanks

Fortune Finder said...

i was wondering if perhaps you would make a template for a recurve knife? i keep drawing it out and i can never get it balanced correctly. either the handle looks weird or the belly looks weird or the size relationships are all off and i can never find a perfect balance. awesome site though! ive spent the last 3 days reading all of the articles.

smeercat said...

Can the Kn38 be posted in the pattern section?

D. Comeau said...

Hi, the KN38 can be found on the Knife Patterns V page. Thanks for stopping by!


ThadJB said...

I just want to say that it takes an amazing person with a servants heart to share so much personal time in doing this. Your hard work is greatly appreciated.nThank you

D. Comeau said...

It's my pleasure. Thank you for your kind words.


german said...

My nakiri or nakiri wa, i don`t know...
Don`t have belt grinder only a diy disk an angle grinder.
The handle is brazilian oak.

D. Comeau said...

You did very good with limited resources. I wish that your nakiri serves you well in the kitchen!


Unknown said...

I would like to thank you for the generosity you have to share your knowledge and the real-size drawings of each type of knife. For those of us who are starting, it is a great help.
Greetings from Argentina

Unknown said...

Great templates thank you! Look forward to posting pictures of my knives!

Unknown said...

Thank you for making these designs available. Very often when I am stuck without ideas, I browse thru the designs and most of the time I come away with a blade form to suit my needs. Normally just tinker a bit of the handle and sizing.

Benny C said...

Hi Dan
Quick question if you dont mind (and Merry Christmas). I have used your Guthook hunter template (Thanks) to make a blade for a mate (out of 4.1mm Nitro-V) but I cannot get a decent cutting edge in the hook itself. I have used (and basically destroyed) a 5.5mm Stihl chainsaw file and it looks great but it just doesn't get sharp, only the very centre even looks close. Could you please share any tips regarding getting a good cutting edge in the hook itself? Should I be trying to get a flat or V shaped cutting edge rather than curved? Should I go bigger with a dremel instead?
Thanks again,
Regards, Ben (Australia)

D. Comeau said...

Hi Ben,

The shape works best as a single bevel with a zero or micro edge. I would use a file for shaping and setting the initial angle. Then a small drum in the Dremel to get the wire edge. Once you can feel a little burr, run the small diameter buffing bob with some rouge or green buffing compound.

Similar to what I do for looped hoof knives, you can use a small piece of 1500 - 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper rolled around a rod to make like a super fine file and stroke it to bring the cutting edge back into shape.

Merry (belated) Christmas to you too!


Benny C said...

Thank Dan
My mistake, in hindsight, was to file a double sided bevel in the hook before heat treat, there is nothing left to take out to get it back to a single sided hook blade. I managed to machine it to a flat edge in the hook and get it sharp but the next time a single sided gut hook is definitely the way to go.
Regards, Ben

Unknown said...

Is there any chance that you have a throwing knife template? I've been looking but can't find a good one anywhere.

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your time to help us with your templates and builds. Let me thank you with some pictures of knives I made using your templates
KN19 template nakiri 01 tool steel, ziricote and redheart handle with white g10 liner.

Unknown said...

Another KN19 nakiri made for my sister
1095 steel with hamon, handle g10 and juma with green g10 liner

Unknown said...

Small utility knife, KN34 template 1095 steel with hamon, handle Indian rosewood with green g10 liner and mosaic pin (made by me). The knife was a gift for my wife.

D. Comeau said...


You do some fine work there. Thanks for sharing.


Unknown said...

Awesome templates my thanks to you I will send pic of knife....soon