Knife Patterns III

Due to popular demand I have expanded the printable knife patterns (templates) to three pages. Again these templates are free to download, print and make your own. All I ask is that you drop me a note if you find them useful. I love to see what makers are doing and I'll try and post photos that you send of your knives. I've received photos from makers all over the world and it's totally great to see! Please 

Note: Save the PDF or open in Acrobat first before printing. Printing directly from your browser's preview can distort the dimensions.

If you need help in making a pattern, see the small post on the bottom of the original Knife Patterns page. For additional patterns see the:
Knife Patterns
Knife Patterns II
Knife Patterns IV
Knife Patterns V and Knife Patterns VI pages.

DH52 - Drop Point

CP16 - Clipped Point Template - DanCom 2015.pdf

SF1 - 'Sharpfinger' style

DH51 - Drop Point (slight)

KN15 - Chef's Knife Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

DH48 - Hunter/Camp Knife Template - DanCom 2015.pdf

HT1 - Hidden Tang (Slight Trailing Point) Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

 BC8 - Bushcraft

BC7 - Bushcraft w/exaggerated drop point Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

KN8 - Chef/Camp Knife Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

NM2  - Nessmuk Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

NM3 - Nessmuk Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

KN9 - 7" Chef's Knife
(This fits well on 1-1/2" x 12" stock, but the blade curve can be pulled down to a 2" quite easily) Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

KN10 - Chef's Knife Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

KN11 - Chef's Knife Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

KN12 - Chef's Knife Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

CP15 - Clip Point Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

DH42 - Drop Point Template - DanCom-2014.pdf

DH43 - Drop Point Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

DH44 - Drop Point Template - DanCom 2014.pdf

UL1 "Ulu knife pattern"

BC5 'Woodlore style' Bushcraft Knife Template - DanCom 2015.pdf

DH48 - Drop Point Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

DH49 - Drop Point Template - DanCom-2015.pdf

For additional patterns see the:
Knife Patterns
Knife Patterns II
Knife Patterns IV
Knife Patterns V and Knife Patterns VI pages.

More to come!

Thank you to all that have been sending me photos of their knives that they have made. It's great to see. With your permission, I will add your photos on the blog.

Lars, Falco and Sten have finished off their version of a DH12. Complete with a homemade impregnated felt liners, brass pins and lanyard tube. Thanks for sending the photos and thanks for the "beer" guys.

 The handle polished up very nicely. Great job!

This is a Nessie from NM3 that Matt from New Zealand made from O1 and walnut. Handy looking knife! Thanks for sending the photo.



Unknown said...

Thanks for the site and templates, they're a major help.
Your button on page two to get to page three isn't working. It directs to >> http://p/knife-templates-3.html<< not >><<
This is possibly a repost as I don't know if my first comment posted properly lol.

D. Comeau said...

Thanks for pointing that out. The link is fixed now.



Kastepat said...

Thank you for the templates ..
As soon as I make a knife I 'll send a picture !
All the best from France

D. Comeau said...

Merci et bonne chance!

Unknown said...

love your site, thanks for the free templates when I finish my first knive I will send you a picture, any chance to get a Pukko knife template? I love those knifes...

Unknown said...

Thank you very much! These are great! :D

iaincwil said...

I thank you for the templates and advice excellent work,
have steel will go to work!,
hey there I recognize KOKOPELLI you a flute maker or player I have many drawings (measurements)for a lot of different flutes all work beatifully

Frank C. Bigelow said...

Thanks a ton for posting these!

Unknown said...

thankyou for these templates,cant wait to get my new belt grinder and give them a go ,so much easier for a beginner like myself !

UK Knife Maker said...

Thanks for being so generous and posting these templates - Much appreciated.

From a UK Knife Maker!

D. Comeau said...


pingantu said...

Thanks. I can't wait to try my first knife ;)

palio78 said...

Hello ı am almost to decide to product a bushcraft knife, and ı am between bc8 bushcraft and bc7 woodlore templates. There is finished woodlore knife we can see but nothing about bc8, do you have any photos about bc8, I would be really happy to see

Unknown said...

Can you make template of yanabiba sushi knife please

Unknown said...


Unknown said...

Obrigado por compartilhar!
São poucos cuteleiros que compartilham desenhos para ajudar quem está iniciando! Assim que eu fizer minha primeira faca estarei postando aqui!

Unknown said...

Good day, does anybody have a template for a bowie combat knife please? Please email me at
Thanks guys

Unknown said...

Thanks for all the templates. I am looking for a particular one, which I don't see here.
Is it possible to mail you a picture?
My mail