Knifemaker Supply Links

Knifemaker Supply Links

I get a lot of emails and comments on where to locate certain things like steel for making knives, springs and odd parts for making tools that I have built. I have gathered a bunch here. If you have a suggestion for a link, please let me know.


Jantz Supply - All things for the knifemaker. Excellent service.
USA Knifemaker (Midwest Knifemakers Supply)
New Jersey Steel Baron - Cutlery steel
K&G Finishing Supplies - Great service. Wood stabilization service too.
Texas Knifemaker's Supply
Oregon Blade Maker - Tools and Materials for Knifemakers
Grizzly Industrial - Tools and supplies for wood and metalworking.
Tru-Grit - Abrasives of all kinds.
Maker Material Supply - All kinds of handle materials, some steel. 
Masecraft Supply Co. - Amazing selection of handle material
McMaster-Carr - Mail order just about anything
MSC Industrial Supply
Islewoods on eBay - Amazing wood scales and blocks

Grinder Parts & Motors
Wheel set for 2" x 72" grinder - Oregon Blade Maker
Dealers Industrial Motors and VFDs - New, new surplus motors and VFDs. Great deals.

I have personally bough from these specialty vendors on eBay or Amazon: Recommended
Maragos Wood Scales and Blocks (eBay) Great selection of scales, good prices. Super service.
Amerimex Arts and Crafts (eBay) Beautiful desert ironwood blocks.
APlus Hardwoods - (eBay) Great scales, very flat and clean. Nice burls. Super to deal with.
Wood & Acrylic Supply- (eBay) Very nice acrylic blocks and scales. Great service.

Acraglas from Richard Supply
West System g/flex (excellent epoxy) from

Several of my friends and myself have bought these wheels. Inexpensive and nicely balanced. You can get them with or without bearings. Go for the machined pocket and shipping without bearing option. This way you can get a 6202-8 (1/2" ID) bearing to put in the pocket.
Free Shipping
Free Shipping O1 Tool Steel, 1/8" x 1-1/2" x 36"

Canadian Knifemaker Supply Ltd. - Shipping to Canada only. Great service. Steel, 2x72" belts etc. 
Maritime Knife Supply - Abrasives, steel and more. Based in Nova Scotia. - Growing supply company based out of Calgary. 
MCKnifeworks - Based out of Southern Alberta
Mike Mossington Supply -  Great service.
Wood Stabilizer - Stabilized wood scales and blocks
Canadian Artisan - offers leathercraft supplies, 2" x 72" belts, sand paper sheets, stabilizing supplies and more for the Canadian craftsman. 
Nexus Grinders - Selling quality grinders, wheels, belts and accessories. 

Specific Builds:

Items used in specific builds.

For the gas forge build I used one of these adjustable 0 to 30 psi LPG regulators. It works well!

For the HT-2100 heat treatment oven I used a basic temperature controller. This part is meant to drive a solid state relay (SSR). Be careful as some are meant to run relays instead.

This is the 1250°C probe for the temperature controller. I ordered two of these and kept one as a spare. They are cheap and they will fail eventually from the high temperatures and oxidization effects.

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Here's a suggested Knife Making Supplies link:

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