Knifemaker's Documentation

I like to add some value to my knives by making a Certificate of Authenticity and a Datasheet for each knife. These are inexpensive little touches that go a long ways for a small cost. The idea is that you use them to bring a certain prestige to the product you are crafting. 

I have made generic documents available for other knifemakers to use. Again, free as in beer.

Knife Datasheet.doc

The Datasheet is a Word document that contains a table which details things such as date of manufacture, serial number, steel type, handle data etc. Knife Certificate of Authenticity USA.docx

The Certificate of Authenticity is a Word document that can be filled out and printed on some fine stationery. You can get a corporate seal made up for around $50 and some gold foil seals. This is a great finishing touch for your handmade product.

One of these little desk seals with your name on it make for a great looking certificate.


Business cards are awesome to send along with your creations. You can add photos, text, your website address, email  or whatever you like. I had mine printed at Vista Print for a ridiculously low price. By the way, they make bumper stickers too!

Other items to include with your knives might be a Care & Maintenance card listing some tips for keeping a knife in top shape or perhaps a basic sharpening guide with recommended practices.

All in all the package that you send is more than a knife. Often these finishing touches bring back the customers and their friends as well.



Darren James said...

Top site to get me totally hooked on this "new adventure", gotta put the furno together first ,but this is great TY

Unknown said...

I'm about to get into knife making, and would like to congratulate you for an excellent job. This site has very helpful information, detailed, and free...thanks so much for helping people like me :)

D. Comeau said...

Thank you for the kind words.


dusky2dawn said...

Excellent site. This is the best collection of well documented knife making information i have found so far. Very well done.

D. Comeau said...

Thanks man. I hope that you make some seriously cool knives and sent a photo or two.


Konstantinos Noulis said...

Hey there, thank you for the great work you put up here. i was trying to open the two files you have posted and the links are not working, it would be great if you could have a look at them as it sounds a great idea.

D. Comeau said...

Hi, The files are downloading ok on my machine. Check your downloads folder? they are in MS Word, but you can open them with a lot of different applications Open Office etc.


Unknown said...

Hi I cannot open file for knife data sheet

D. Comeau said...

Hi the Datasheet document requires Microsoft Word or Word compatible software like Open Office.


Didi said...

I am a granny and decided to get into knife making. I have picked up books, and other info online, but this site is the best ever I have found. From getting templets to free info. Thank you so much!!!! Job well done!!!

D. Comeau said...

Hi Didi,

Thank you for the kind words. One thing I love about knifemaking is that it is accessible to all ages. Wishing you all the best!


Unknown said...

Love this website, amazing work man.. you must be very dedicated

D. Comeau said...

Thank you. Comments from visitors keeps my passion alive!

Raymond Brown said...

Great website! Amazing how you are willing and generous to provided and share all of your knowledge and ideas.
Your website has teach me a lot as someone who just started.
Keep up the good work and thank you.

MarkT97213 said...

Excellent web site, Thank you so much for your hard work & generosity. Nice knife work as well,