Leather Stropping Wheel

I made this 4" stropping wheel to attach to a regular 6 inch bench grinder. It runs fast, as bench grinders do, but a light touch and this power strop works blades to a razor edge.

I had some scraps of 9/10 oz leather. It was pretty much toast as it had some tooling marks on the clear side.
 Set the compass to 2"
 Trace out 6 circles. These will be 4" in diameter.
Mark the centre where the point of the compass poked into the leather with a fine point permanent marker.

Now the fun part. Scissors! Carefully cut out the discs. Be as precise as you can. Outside the line is better then inside.
 One down, five to go.

 Once the discs are cut out, get out yer favourite contact cement.

Apply some contact cement to one side of each disc. Be generous...then wait.

Wait for them to get tacky. Then stick them together. Try to line them up as best you can on the center marks. 
This yields three discs.

Again repeat the glue and stick-together process until you have one disc. Lining them up on the centers.
I pressed the mass with some clamps to see if any cement came out. It has effectively become a solid piece of leather now.
 Next I used the disc sander to true the edges.

This is the shape with the edges smoothed.

I found the centre with a ruler and marked it off. and drilled a 1/8" pilot hole on the drill press.

 Now opening up the hole to 1/2" so it fits on my grinder.

This will get hot, so you don't want to press too hard. A very light touch is all that is needed to bring a wire edge to razor sharp.


alfanje said...

Excelent idea.

I make it with an old belt to my expansive wheel.

An embrace.


glennaycockwoodworking said...

Nice tutorial! I've had a small strop wheel for years, but it isn't very useful. I made a 6" wheel using a hole saw and laminated leather. I used yellow wood glue, which could be a problem if it gets wet, but I couldn't be happier with the result. I've never had knives so sharp!

Unknown said...

I used an old wad-punch I had lying around! Works wonders! Thanks!

Matias Torres said...

Great idea thbks for share!

mahalarbknives said...

I all try it